IZiel Team strives to ensure your dreams turn to realty. We walk the extra mile to achieve outcome based deliveries for your idea. Our team of confident industry experts with the ability to take risks with sound financial planning can be the best partner for a start up in the MedTech sector.

Our people have worked with large med-device companies and our product development cycle brings in traceability in all process there by easier regulatory approvals and faster to market. We offer fully-functional and reliable designs with innovation and creativity.


FDA Compliant Outcomes

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Founding Principles

Venture Capital

IZiel Group is extremely confident to be a great partner to a Venture Capitalist and/or Angel Investors whose forte is MedTech Startups or Medical Devices. Our robust processes and product development capabilities bring in an all round advantage to Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors.

We understand the importance of RISK and SUCCESS. Our biggest valuation to VCs is that –

  • Risk mitigation, saving time and cost
  • DFSS trained engineers with core competency in Medical Devices
  • Assurance of prudent business decisions for a worry free investment

Our Product Development, Process Engineering and Regulatory Team ensures FDA Compliant Solutions for Medical Devices. Along with our partners in USA, we assist companies launch their products in the US Market. We ensure all the necessary documentation, procedures, validations and systems are in place and provide work guarantee for the same.

Our Competency

We ensure all our employees imbibe the values that IZiel stands for. As a result, all our employees undergo 12 – 14 weeks of Black/Green Belt DFSS training that includes self-study modules, classroom training and application workshops.

Employee training is conducted across these topics: